HM04 – Lata Ring Natural – Pack of 200 pcs

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“Enhance your home decor with our all-natural Lata Ring for Decoration. Handcrafted from sustainable lata vines, this unique piece adds a touch of rustic charm to any space. Versatile and eco-friendly, it’s perfect for wall decor, table centerpieces, or special occasions. Create your personalized look with flowers or fairy lights. Sturdy and long-lasting, this Lata Ring will bring nature’s beauty into your home for years to come.”

Introducing our Natural Lata Ring for Decoration

Elevate your home decor with the rustic charm of our Natural Lata Ring. Crafted from all-natural materials, this exquisite piece brings the beauty of the outdoors into your living spaces. Whether you’re decorating your living room, bedroom, or any other area in your home, our Lata Ring is a versatile and stylish choice.

Key Features:

1. **Eco-Friendly Elegance:** Our Lata Ring is made from natural, sustainable lata vines. You can enjoy its beauty with a clear conscience, knowing it’s an eco-friendly choice.

2. **Unique and Handcrafted:** Each Lata Ring is individually handcrafted, ensuring that every piece is unique. The natural variation in the vines gives it a distinct, organic appeal.

3. **Versatile Decoration:** Use it as a captivating wall decoration, a centerpiece on your dining table, or even as a decorative piece for special occasions like weddings and parties.

4. **Easy to Personalize:** Add your own creative touch by incorporating flowers, fairy lights, or other decorative elements into the Lata Ring, making it a reflection of your unique style.

5. **Sturdy and Long-Lasting:** Built to last, our Lata Ring is both sturdy and durable, ensuring it maintains its beauty for years to come.


Transform your living spaces with the natural elegance of our Lata Ring. Its simple, rustic beauty is a perfect addition to any home decor style, from farmhouse to bohemian. Order yours today and enjoy the enchanting allure of the outdoors in your home.


Bleached, Natural


4 cm – 6 cm


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Hm08 Lata Ring Natural 4HM04 – Lata Ring Natural – Pack of 200 pcs
Original price was: ₹7,500.00.Current price is: ₹6,200.00.
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