HM02 – Lata Ball Natural – Pack of 300 pcs

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Elevate your decor with the Lata Ball Natural – a handcrafted masterpiece from natural lata vines. Add rustic charm to your space effortlessly. Eco-friendly and low-maintenance, it’s the perfect accent for your home.

Introducing the Lata Ball Natural for Decoration

Elevate your home decor with the exquisite Lata Ball Natural – a charming addition to any living space. Crafted from natural materials, this decorative ball exudes rustic elegance and brings a touch of nature into your home.

Key Features:

1. Natural Beauty: The Lata Ball Natural is handcrafted from authentic, dried lata vines, making each piece unique. Its organic texture and earthy tones create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Versatile Decor: Whether placed in a bowl as a centerpiece, scattered on a shelf, or hung as part of a wall display, these lata balls effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of any room.

3. Eco-Friendly: Made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, this decorative piece adds a touch of nature to your decor without harming the environment.

4. Easy Maintenance: The Lata Ball Natural is low-maintenance and long-lasting, requiring no special care. Simply place it in your desired location and enjoy its enduring beauty.

5. Unique Gift: Looking for a distinctive gift for a friend or loved one? The Lata Ball Natural is an excellent choice, offering a natural, eco-conscious gift option.


– Size: 4 cm, 6cm.
– Material: Natural dried lata vines
– Color: Earthy, natural tones

Elevate your home decor with the Lata Ball Natural and bring the beauty of nature into your living space. Create a warm and welcoming ambiance with this charming, eco-friendly decorative piece. Order yours today and transform your home into a haven of natural elegance.


4 cm, 7.5 inch


Bleached, Natural




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Original price was: ₹5,500.00.Current price is: ₹4,450.00.
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